Because I am committed to ensure the success of my clients' relocation and expatriation, I freshly founded Simply Relocate with a 10-year background in Human Resources in England and France.

8 years ago, I also relocated to Germany and know all about the "ups and downs" of being an "expat". I have meanwhile learnt to live and be happy away from the place that I call home.


I am now applying my professional and personal experience for the benefit of others, by helping, advising and providing them with the best possible service in their relocation to Hamburg. 

I am fluent in English, French and German.

Annabelle, Relocation Manager


The green thing 

My green conscience is guiding most of my choices and I try to lower to a minimum my impact on the environment. It is not an easy task when you live in our society and in a home connected to water and energy suppliers. Still I strongly believe that very simple options in our daily routine make a difference between indifference and efforts to mend the world.

Which brings us to the topic energy. Like most of you will discover when you move in to Germany, the cost of energy here is very expensive, it used to be the second highest in Europe. But it is no longer the case! 

In 2017, Germany has officially overtaken Denmark with the highest electricity prices in Europe: 30,5 Cents/ kWh on average. This is actually resulting from Germany's decisions to reduce CO2 emissions by investing in renewable energies and to renounce to nuclear power.

Another explanation for the increase in the ernergy costs in Germany is the heavy burden of taxes and contributions that fall upon the energy companies in Germany. Ulrich Czisla aus NRD Info (Hamburg) says in a report dated June 2018, that in 2017, only 18% of an electricity bill did actually land into the electricity supplier's basket. The rest was distributed between the German tax office (57%) and the electricity network (25%).

When digging in the past, Czisla found out that this rate was actually much lower (39%) in 2009.

What you will also notice is that you don't necessarily pay the same unit price pro kWh as your next door neighbor. The prices fluctuate according to your energy supplier and according to the age of your contract with them.


This is company policy that every family that I help relocate to Hamburg will be connected to Hamburg Energie for their electricity supply. Hamburg Energie is a local electricity supplier that guarantees to inject 100% renewable energy in the Hamburger electricity network. They also have very good offers for new comers (approx. 26 Cent/ kWh).  

The anecdote  

On our first visit to Hamburg, we got lost in the underground on our way to Altona.

I said to my man: "Look at the sign: this way is to get to Altona!" 

He replied: "I don't think so, this is the direction to Richtung!"

This is the great thing about expatriation: you always have a funny story to tell. In this new life, you will be pushed out of your comfort zone which will give you an open-mind, a higher adaptability and the right amount of self-confidence.