>   Administrative support


When you arrive in Hamburg, you will have to proceed with more or less administrative procedures and formalities according to your country of origin, to the size of your family, to whether or not you own a pet... 

It you feel that these tasks are a burden for you, if you do not have the time to take care of them or if you simply want to shift the responsibility on me!


Simply Relocate provides Administrative Support customized to the clients' request. 


This service may comprise of:

✓  Registration to the local authorities: "Anmeldung" and personal tax ID number

✓  Opening of a bank account, getting a credit card

✓  Health Insurance: more insight about healthcare, making the right choice

between private and statutory healthcare (free of charge service)

✓  Insurances: public liability insurance, car, glass insurance...

✓  Insurances: house and contents insurance

✓  Connection to energy suppliers: water, internet, telephone, TV

✓  Car import and registration in Hamburg, car tax

✓  Conversion of foreign driving license

✓  Registration to TV license

✓  Registration to "Stadtreinigung Hamburg" for house, paper and/or green waste

✓  Getting a German mobile phone number

✓  Pet import, registration and license in Germany

✓  Application for the "Kita-Gutschein"

✓  Application to claim Child Benefit "Kindergeld"

✓  Application for work permit in Germany, EU Blue card

✓  Application for VISA and residence permit in Germany