>   Schools and Kindergartens


If there is one person not to neglect in your relocation, this is your child.


He/she is going to find him/herself in a totally new environment, surrounded by people who speak a foreign language. 


But no need to panic, he/she is the one who will adapt the fastest to the new surroundings.

The question arises as to which school or kindergarten is the most suitable for him/her.


The answer depends on:

> the age of your child

> his/ her mother tongue

> the school he/she attended up to now

> the time that you are planning on spending in Germany

> your next move after Hamburg (if already defined)

> your general wishes regarding your child's language skills and education

Simply Relocate can help out with this process by meeting with you and your child to advise you as to the different options available. The pros and cons of every school (native if available, German or international) will be weight up.

I can also help you with the application for the "Kita-Gutschein" document or "daycare voucher". The "Kita-Gutschein" defines the need for your child to attend daycare. Information such as daycare visiting hours, beginning and end of the child daycare service appear on this form. The Kita-Gutschein is a voucher from the City of Hamburg helping to cover a part of the child daycare expenses.  More information on the Kita-Gutschein can be found here.

The application to child benefit can also be made for your child provided that you satisfy certain conditions. 

✓  Help and advice, presentation with range of options available

✓  Visit of the schools/ KITAS

✓  Intermediary role between the schools/ kindergartens and yourself

✓  Translation if required of the childcare contract with school or kindergarten 

✓  Help with the application in the school/ KITA of your choice

✓  Follow-up the application(s) until final school or kindergarten enrolment

✓  Application for the Kita-Gutschein

✓  Application for child benefit "Kindergeld"