>   Departure


Simply relocate accompanies you to the end of the route in Hamburg and allows you to focus 100% on your new destination. The departure package encompasses :

  1. End of tenancy Management or Assistance with selling or letting your property

  2. Disconnection from energy suppliers and closing down of utilities accounts

  3. Mail forwarding to the new address

  4. Closing of bank account

Departure support is customized to the clients' request and may comprise of:

✓  Assistance with selling or letting your property

✓  Notice of end of tenancy to the landlord

✓  Pre-check out appointment 

✓  Presence during check-out inventory, meter reading, modem return

✓  Return of security deposit

✓  Disconnection from water, gas and electricity 

✓  Unsubscription to internet, telephone and TV provider

✓  Unsubscription from home and contents insurance
✓  Unsubscription from your health insurance

✓  Unsubscription from other insurances: public liability, car, glass insurance

✓  Unsubscription to mobile phone

✓  De-registration from schools and/or kindergartens

✓  De-registration at the Job Centre: "Arbeitsamt" 

✓  Closing of bank account

✓  Subscription to mail forwarding service

✓  Airport transfer