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Relocating to Hamburg for professional reasons is only a positive thing if you feel that you are happy and actually enjoy your daily life.

This goes for the whole family. You might have a spouse or children, or both. For a good integration of the whole family in Hamburg, it is essential that you find benchmarks and your own routine.


Settling into your new life is the key to the success of your global assignment !

Simply Relocate provides its customers with support in settling in Hamburg.

This service may comprise of :

✓  Guided visit of your neighborhood, introduction to the local culture

✓  City tour, sightseeing and cultural visit of Hamburg 

✓  Registration to German courses

✓  Registration to culture or sports associations

✓  Registration to German cultural training

✓  Help to find a tax advisor

✓  Help to update or translate your CVapplication for a training

✓  Registration at the Job Centre: "Arbeitsamt" 

Your employer might also be able to help with such matters in order to ensure a smooth settling into your new life in Hamburg.