I am relocating to Hamburg on a very short notice! Can Simply Relocate help me with my home search ?

Of course I can, this is my job ! With regards to your home search, we will have to meet in order to discuss all important facts regarding property specifications. Simply Relocate can arrange property viewings at short notice but it also depends on the property rental offer at that time. Simply Relocate will advise as to whether temporary accomodation is required until we find a suitable permanent property for you and your family. Please note that if you have children, another hot topic is the schooling or registration in a kindergarten, especially if you arrive during the school year.

I am relocating soon to Hamburg and I still do not have any Health Insurance! Can Simply Relocate help me with this issue ?

Of course I can, this is my job ! Regarding all health insurance matters, I am working along with an insurance broker. This insurance partner will help us find the best possible scheme according to your gross annual income and the type of health cover that you are entitled to and looking for. Before applying for a health insurance in Germany, it is mandatory to be a German resident and have an address in Germany. Which means that you need to get a home first.

I will be moving to Hamburg soon and I actually do not speak German! Is that a problem ?

Yes and no ! Or no and yes ! In theory, you are moving to Hamburg for work. You have been hired by your employer because you qualify for the job and you are fluent in English. So basically, it is not mandatory for you to be fluent in German at work. The reality is that you are moving to Germany. It is therefore advisable that you have some basic knowledge of the German language before actually moving in, especially if you are not using the services of a Relocation Agent when moving to Hamburg. Most Germans are fluent in English but most administrative formalities take place in German. All official forms are in German and must be filled out in German ! Alternatively, you can take part in a German course upon arrival in Germany. There are many language schools for all levels in the city. Plus you might qualify for some free lessons paid by your employer. You must double-check your work contract or talk to Human Resources personnel.

I will be moving to Hamburg soon but cannot aford the services of a Relocation Agency. I feel completely lost and do not know where to start ! Please help !

No reason to panic ! Even without a Relocation Agency, you are going to be fine ! The City of Hamburg is also here in order to provide you with some help with regards to moving-in matters. You can find here a short tutorial of the way forward. This is also the link to Your first Steps in Hamburg. Another very interesting website: Make it in Germany ! Please find below some good tips when moving in to Hamburg: Step 1. If you are not a citizen from an EU/EAA country and nor from Switzerland, apply for a VISA. More info at General Entry and Stay Regulations in Germany. Step 2. You might have a job opportunity through your current employer. If not, you need to find a job in Hamburg. Step 3. Find a home. Step 4. If you are not a citizen from an EU/EAA country and nor from Switzerland, here is more information on how to apply for a residence permit and work permit in Germany. And here is a list of all the Hamburg District Offices. With your address in Hamburg, you can easily find which one is your local district. Step 5. You must register your address of residence within two weeks after moving into your new home at any Hamburg District Office. This official formality is called Anmeldung. You can find more info on You can also book an appointment online. Make sure you tick the following tick-box: "Anmeldung bei Zuzug nach HH (Anzahl Personen) Hinweis: Sie benötigen eine Wohnungsgeberbestätigung." Once completed, you receive your official residence certificate called Meldebescheinigung. Shortly after that, you will receive through the post your: - social security number or Sozialversicherungsnummer - your tax ID number or Steueridentifikationsnummer Step 6. Right after you have found a home, you can start and look for schools and Kindergartens.

I surfed on internet to try and find a property for rent. I read about warm rent (Warmmiete) and cold rent (Kaltmiete). Would you please explain what these are ?

In Germany, you refer to your monthly rent as « die MIETE ». « Die Kaltmiete » or « cold rent » is the monthly rent without any charges (heating, water and other co-property charges). « Die Nebenkosten » or « side charges » are the additional monthly charges for the heating, water heating, cold water and other co-property charges (such as building insurance, common area maintenance, snow removal in winter and property tax). « Die Warmmiete » or « warm rent » is the monthly rent to be paid to the landlord, included these side charges. You are responsible for other extra-charges such as electricity (Strom), telephone, TV, internet and cable TV. The property should be equiped with a water meter and you should receive an annual statement of your water consumption from your landlord. Nevertheless, should that not be the case, your water charges will not be calculated upon actual water consumption but according to the size (surface area in m²) of your property.