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Once you know your starting date, the next step is to find your main residence. 

A recurring mistake is either to move into a lovely home in the wrong location, or to move in a great spot into the wrong home!


Therefore, it is essential to define the type of housing that suits you the best in terms of location, size, number of bedrooms and of course, in line with your budget !

Simply Relocate helps you out with this mission in a 4-step process:

>  Your completion of the Simply Relocate questionnaire

>  My submission of relevant information about the different quarters of the city

>  Interview: talk, questions and answers, advice

>  Definition of the targeted property

The Home Search assistance is customized to the clients' request and may comprise of:

✓  The definition of the search criteria

✓  Submission of a short-list of properties

✓  Guided visits of these properties

✓  Translation of the lease (Mietvertrag)

✓  Lease check by lawyer

✓  Planning of moving-in day

✓  Check-in inventory support

✓  Booking of parking space for removal lorry 

✓  Connection to energy suppliers: gas, water, electricity

✓  Registration with other suppliers: telephone, internet, TV

✓  Finding and applying for contents insurance (Hausratversicherung)

✓  Booking of hotel, car rental 

✓  Airport transfer