>   Look and See Trip

>  Get a better feel for the city of Hamburg

>  Convince your spouse about the relocation          

>  Tour the city        

>  Visit potential homes

>  Visit schools and kindergartens for your children

The look-and-see trip is very important. 


It allows you to get acquainted with your soon-to-be new surroundings.


It also permits you to make your mind up easier about decisions such as the quarter where you want to live, the school where you might like to send your children.

✓  Planning and booking of the trip: flights, hotel, car rental

✓  Airport transfer

✓  A personal welcome and informal meeting

​✓  Information pack: city map, map of public transports, school and

kindergarten brochures, city guide (and other on request)  

✓  Definition / confirmation of the property search criteria 

✓  Visit of short-listed properties

✓  City tour: sightseeing and cultural visit of the city 

✓  Lunch or diner out - question-and-answer session about relocation and expatriation.

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