Relocating is a transition in your life that involves having to cope with change. You are accepting to give up your current life whilst at the same time not foreseeing all the benefits from the move. Add to this the worry of the arrival and moving in, this can be a great source of stress and anxiety.

However, in order to take a load off your shoulders, I offer to help you out with the moving in and the settling into your new life.

Thanks to a custom-made service, I will let you think of relocation with serenity and make this transition more easy for you.  

You might be a company looking to outsource the relocation services offered to your employees...


You might be a family from abroad who wants to relocate to Hamburg...


You might be a single person relocating from Munich to Hamburg... 

    We can seat and define together the relocation solution that is tailored to your needs.





Your first visit to Hamburg


  • Planning and booking (flights, hotel, car)
  • A personal welcome and informal meeting to get to know each other

  • Supply of several useful materials 

  • Definition/ confirmation of the properties search criteria: location, house/flat description, monthly budget 

  • Visits of several short-listed properties

  • Sightseeing and cultural visit of the city 

  • Lunch or diner out in order to share experience and recommandations on relocation and expatriation


If  you are moving to Hamburg on a  short-notice,  if  you are relocating alone  and plan  for your family to join you later, or if you want to spend more time in Hamburg to look for your permanent residence,  


I can offer a short-term housing service which gives you more flexibility

in terms of rental agreements.


Most  of  these  places  are  furnished  and  available  for  a short-term


Temporary housing


House search

  • Definition of the search criteria 

  • Short-list of properties

  • Visits of these properties 

  • Translation of the rental agreement

  • Agreement on the moving-in day

  • Contact of the police to arrange space for removal lorry

  • Connection to gaz, water, electricity, phone/internet, TV

  • Booking of a hotel, car rental


If there is one person not to neglect in your relocation, this is your child. He is going to find himself in a totally new environment, surrounded by people who speak a foreign language. 


But no need to panic, he is probably the one who will adapt the fastest to the new surroundings.

The question arises as to which school should be the most suitable for him. The answer very much depends on his age, on the time that you are planning to spend in Germany and on your next move (after Hamburg). It should all be talked about in the open with him, in a kind of family assembly in which you can weight up the pros and cons of every school system (native if available, German or international). 

  • I can help and advise you with a summary of all the different options available

  • Play an intermediary role between the schools and yourself 

  • Help with the application in the school of your choice

Schools and children


Administrative support

  • Arrange your Visa and other necessary documents

  • Register at the city authorities

  • Open a bank account

  • Get a health insurance 

  • Get other insurances: house, content, car, third party...

  • License your car in Hamburg/ car tax

  • TV license

  • Get a mobile phone number


Once that you are settled into your new home, the next step is to settle into your new life and community.

I offer a variety of services according to your specific needs which could be as follows:

  • Guide for your day-to-day life

  • Introduction to the local culture

  • Sightseeing and tour of the city 

  • Registration to German courses

  • Registration to cultural or sports associations

  • Other specific help: German cultural training, help to update your CV, application to a job training, ...

Your employer might also be able to help with such matters in order to ensure a good integration of your family and yourself in Germany.