>   Temporary accommodation


>  If you are moving to Hamburg on a short-notice

>  if you are relocating alone and plan for your family to join you later

>  if you want to spend more time in Hamburg to look for your permanent residence

>  if you haven't found your new home yet

>  if you have found it but the property is only available after start in your new job

>  if you plan to buy a house or an apartment in Hamburg

Simply Relocate offers a short-term housing service which provides more flexibility in terms of rental agreements and conditions of payments. I work with a few different actors on the Hamburger market for short-term accommodations.

These places are furnished, available on a short-term notice and most of time free of any commission.

✓  Definition of the flat requirements

✓  Submission of a shortlist of accommodations

✓  Visits of these properties

✓  Translation of the rental agreement

✓  Agreement on the moving-in day

✓  Airport transfer