A business eager to facilitate the internal mobility and the relocation of its employees

By outsourcing the relocation services provided to an employee and by covering for the expenses of this person and his/her family incurred during the move, a company gives this employee a chance to move and settle down in the new location (here Hamburg, Germany) rapidly. It secures the availability and the flexibility of this employee. 

A business that hires overseas employees 

In the same spirit of securing the availability and the flexibility of its staff, a company can decide to outsource and pay for the relocation services provided by a relocation agent to a new employee freshly recruited from oversea.


This benefit in kind can play an important role in the fine-tuning of a contract of employment  between business and new employee and can help a person make his mind up positively about a new job.

An individual or a family relocating to Hamburg


When an employee cannot get the expenses of a relocation service covered by his/her employer, this person has still got the opportunity to mandate a relocation agent on his own initiative and can in due course benefit from the exact same relocation services.


The relocation is in our case the actual fact of moving to Hamburg. It can either be an international relocation or a relocation from another German city

An individual or a family looking for a new home in Hamburg


The Relocation Services encompass a thorough home search service in a location or a city designated by the customer.  

Hence the possibility for an individual or a family currently looking for a new home in Hamburg to mandate a relocation agent in order to help out with the home search and to find the right house or apartment within a short period of time.


In this case scenario, the relocation agent plays the role of an apartment hunter or real estate hunter. This service is aimed at those who do not have the time to look for a property or are having trouble with finding the right place.   

The rates applicable in this case would only be those for a home search (not those for a full relocation package).