For a business organisation

Support an employee (or transferee)

This benefit in kind is a way of supporting an employee or is offered to a potential transferee in order to convince him/her to accept a position abroad.

The employer usually covers the costs induced by the relocation services.

The employee feels valued and supported, and is given the peace of mind to relocate his family without too much stress. The relocation support provided to an employee should go hand in hand with the option or the possibility for this person to attend a cultural and diversity training.  

Focus on its core business 

Small and medium sized companies in general have neither the internal human resources, nor the financial means in order to respond to the sometime sporadical demand of their employees in terms of relocation services.

By outsourcing the relocation services offered to its own transferees, a company decides to save time and focus internal resources on the company workforce strengths.

Provide each employee with a professional and thorough relocation service


The core activity of a Relocation Agent is to deal with families and individuals coming from very different backgrounds and who sometimes do not speak the local language. The relocation agent who is fluent in two languages, sometimes more, is used to overcoming the language barrier in order to focus on its customers requirements or anxieties.


The Relocation Agent knows the job ropes inside-out and is aware of every step of the relocation process. He is used to coordinate the entire move of a family and knows all the hot spots, the jobtricks and all the traps to avoid. He is very open-minded, very flexible and usually has an "all-rounder" profile, a cross between HR, PR, flat hunter and tourist guide. 


Some of the relocation agents themselves also relocated in the past and know not only about the relocation job itself but also about the whole spirit of the relocation and of the expatriation. They are able to share experience with their clients and to have compassion for them in order to overcome any hesitations.

Secure the flexibility and the availability of a freshly relocated employee


It is never a nice feeling, neither for a company nor for an employee, to feel that the private or family issues of a person start to interfere with the work performance and professionalism of this same person.

A business will hence find it very advantageous to appoint a third company in order to take care of certain aspects of its employee's private life. This will provide well-being and serenity, and room for beneficial professional development of the employee. This person will be fit and available to start his/her new job in the best possible way.

Overcome the risk of global assignment failure

The direct and indirect costs of a failed global assignment, added in some cases to loss of earnings, customer dissatisfaction, lost sales opportunities... can be very significant for a business.

One of the recurring failure reasons (equally likely as professional capacities or too high personal expectations) is "personal issues", and on top of the list amongst them "family issues". 70% of the assignees are accompanied by their partner, and half of them by their children. Not getting off to a good start and not being able to adapt in the host country are sources of unhappiness and stress for the whole family, and can cause repatriation ahead of schedule.

In order to overcome those risks, there is a certain number of measures that the employer should be taking. One of these measures is to make sure that its employee and his/her family are given the best chances to relocate smoothly against timelines. 

For families and individuals

For peace of mind

The benefit of not having to worry about some aspects of the relocation is huge. You and your family can think of the coming move without feeling bound with the stress and anxiety that come with it.

Appointing a relocation agent in order to take care of the planning and the day-to-day running of the relocation allows you to offload the tasks and administrative formalities incurred by your move.  

Support your family 

To increase the chances for you and your family to adapt in your host country, it is essential that you put all the chances on your side in order to settle quickly in your new home and in your new life.


Seeking the help of relocation professionals will also help your partner and children (if you have any) finding their place in the relocation project. The Relocation Agent will not only be dealing with you but with the whole family. They will all feel that they are an essential part of this joint project.

Benefit from a professional and thorough relocation service


When you move into a new city, you rarely know the place where you arrive. It is very comforting to know that you can rely on the expertise of a Relocation Agent who knows the local real estate market and can help you out with the location of your home. He/she will take the burden off your shoulders and will simplify administrative formalities. You can also for instance rely on your relocation agent to help out with the choice of a school for your children. This person will be your focal point throughout the relocation and will eventually welcome you to Hamburg.


And most of all, your Relocation Agent is fluent in English. The language will not be one more hurdle to overcome and you will be pleased that you sought some extra help.  

Secure your flexibility and availability at work


It is never a nice feeling, neither for a company nor for an employee, to feel that the private or family issues of a person start to interfere with the work performance and professionalism.

You will hence find it very valuable and advantageous to appoint a third company in order to take care of certain aspects of your private life, in this particular case of your relocation. This will provide you and your family with well-being and serenity, and will therefore free your mind at work. You get the opportunity to focus on your job and will get room for beneficial professional development.


You will be fit and available to start your new job in the best possible way.

Overcome the risk of failure of your global assignment

For your employer, the direct and indirect costs due to a potential failed foreign assignment can be very significant.

For your family, it implies another period of disruption and adaptation caused by the premature repatriation.

As for yourself, on top of losing a job opportunity, you might find it harder to apply or be appointed to a new challenging position, your professional status might be damaged from this failure and your self-esteem can also suffer in the whole process.


In order to overcome those risks, seeking help of a Relocation Agent is one of the measures that your employer should be taking. By doing so, your employer makes sure that its employee and his/her family are given the chances to relocate smoothly and to adapt rapidly to their new lives. 

Should your employer be reluctant to cover the costs of such services, you might ask yourself if it is worth contracting the relocation agency at your own expense.

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